Mediostar Next Pro Laser

We use the Mediostar Next Pro diode laser in our practice. Compared to other technologies, it works with very short light pulses and high energy at the same time. This allows hair-free skin all year round, even during the summer months without irritating the skin.

Permanent hair removal

Due to the fact that the pulses are enormously short and highly energetic, permanent hair removal is very time-saving and possible from 4 to 6 treatments.

Treatment of larger skin areas

The XL handpiece allows faster treatments even on larger skin areas, for example, the back treatment on a man takes less than 6 minutes.

Less side effects

The integrated cooling system which is integrated in the laser head ensures the low-pain treatment and less skin irritation.

Smooth Pulse Mode

Thanks to the Smooth Pulse mode, the treatment is almost painless and possible even for very pain-sensitive patients.

Best possible results

The Mediostar laser works with two wavelengths (810nm & 940nnm). This allows it to reach deeper follicles – for even more efficient and effective treatment.

Laser hair removal for dark skin

Safe and painless treatment even for dark or sun-tanned complexions.